They blow in on the northerlies...

1 November
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Hi! I'm Nix. This is my journal, flatbear.
This is a Flatbear

I draw. A lot. I dabble in writing, but not much. I RP Like it's going out of style, and I waffle about comics. a lot.

Here are a few terribly interesting facts.

I love Dick Grayson as Batman // I hate Bruce Wayne as Batman

Hawkeye is the shit // Loki was hot as a chick

I believe Lovecraft really saw what he wrote about // I believe Dan Brown is a twat

I liked the Watchmen movie better than the comic // I'm aware that makes me the minority

I've been with my girlfriend for six years // But damn, I love looking at manly men

I was born in New Zealand // I moved to the US five years ago

Time Travel is my favorite genre // Provided it shows what a fucking terrible idea it is

I adore Star Trek // I adore Star Wars

I love my cats // Yeah, I'm one of those lesbians

My favorite type of music is dirty, dirty music // Queens of the Stone Age, I'm looking at you

Treat me, and everyone else on this journal, with respect // I will do the same to you

Oh, and I used to be duffnstuff, but I'd been duffnstuff for six years, and it was time for a CHANGE!

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